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We solve the problem of costly long distance inmate calls

If your Inmate Calls are "Long-Distance" -Our Local Numbers will SAVE YOU UP TO 90%. LOCAL numbers to ALL Federal, State & County Jail Facilities. Just $17/Mo. Eliminate LD Calls Forever!

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    No Credit Checks

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    No Per Minute Charges

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    No hidden charges

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    Easy No hassle set up

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  • What is our web app?

    What do I need to know about using Cold Crib Communications with federal prisons?

    Use Cold Crib Communications and get the same calls for only $17 per month. That is a savings of 90%! Most Federal inmates pay for phone calls from their commissary accounts. Money is transferred to a phone payment account, which uses those funds to pay for all calls. 

    Cold Crib Communications guarantees the number we give you will qualify as a local call to the chosen facility. Using one of our numbers will allow your inmate to call home for as long as they like! This translates to DIRECT savings and allows more time for those important calls home! Signing up for a CCC local line is very easy.   

  • How does our app work?

    What do I need to know about using Cold Crib Communications with State, County, or City prisons?

    State, County, and City prisons almost all work with collect calls or pre-paid phone accounts with the facility's phone providers. The way this works is, the inmate must call collect at a very high fee, sometimes as high as $8.50 a minute, or whomever they are calling will contact the phone company the prison has a contract with and set up a pre-paid contract so the inmate can call home. The phone companies have a monopoly on these calls. Now they can charge extremely high fees for long distance calls and inmates, their friends, and their families are forced to pay them.  Once you determine that your specific facility allows pre paid accounts you can start saving money with a Cold Crib Communications subscription.  Our calling plans work in addition to the pre-paid account with the facility's mandated phone provider, allowing you to pay local call rates instead of the outrageous long distance call rates.

  • Why do you need it?

    Did you know?

    Every State, County and Local jail uses a private, pre-paid phone provider to manage their outgoing inmate calls? (Not required with FEDERAL Prisons.)

    • (Global Tel Link, Evercom, Securus, Correctional Billing Services, Paytel, IC Solutions, PCS and V-Connect are examples of these providers.)
    • Family and friends are REQUIRED to have a pre-paid account with them to receive any calls from the inmate. 
    • If you're number is LONG DISTANCE from the facility, the charge for these calls will be extremely high.  To help,  Cold Crib Communications provides local numbers to any jail then routes the calls to your existing number as if the call was dialed direct.  You save approximately 90% because the calls are now billed as "local". 
      • We can not and do not replace the jails pre-paid provider, however, we do help by drastically reducing the charge for each inmate call you receive by allowing you to avoid "long-distance" charges.